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Apr 2, 2020

Even if you’re not into wine, you’re gonna love this story about the most notorious con in wine history!

Rudy Kurniawan, a young, virtually unknown twenty something from Indonesia, rose to become the leading purveyor of fine wines in a span of only six years. During that time, he sold tens of millions of dollars worth of wine to the American elite. 

In time, however, discrepancies begin to appear and crates of Kurniawan’s fine wines are abruptly pulled from auction. It turns out that crates of Kurniawan’s fine wines up for auction are not even supposed to exist! 

In this episode, I interview Peter Hellman who was present for these counterfeit discoveries and worked to investigate the case. Tune in to learn why wine is so ideal for counterfeiting, about Rudy Kurniawan’s methods for counterfeiting wines, why Rudy was so successful, and the outcome of his trial and sentencing.


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