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Aug 22, 2018

Cherie met Chris online after he was already full-time on the road and decided to sell her house to join him. They’ve been together on the road since 2006 evolving from a 16-foot trailer to a 17-foot trailer to currently a 35-foot vintage bus conversion and a 47-foot motor yacht! 

Both Chris and Cherie have backgrounds in tech so they were able to continue working on the road as long as they had an internet connection. As they shared their adventures and travels, they kept getting the same question over and over: How do they stay connected to the mobile internet?

That question eventually led to a book called, The Mobile Internet Handbook. But it turns out mobile internet technology and options change very quickly. So the book quickly led to a website that’s constantly being updated with guides and reviews for different internet plans, hardware, and options. They offer a ton of free information while also being member supported so they can remain unbiased with their recommendations.

In this episode, Chris and Cherie give us a general overview of how to approach your mobile internet needs and the options out there. We discuss why it’s important to assess your particular needs, the pros and cons to Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite internet plus alternatives you’ve probably never thought of. They explain how a booster works and if you even need one along with how to maximize your hardware purchases so you don’t have to constantly upgrade.

This is an extremely helpful and practical episode with a fun couple of people that you don’t want to miss!


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