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Jul 11, 2018

Michael Fuehrer lives full-time in a 35 foot converted school bus. Although he lives by himself, Michael is rarely alone due to the fact that his bus sleeps six people and has the capacity to seat 8 people for dinner! Social interaction and community was Michael’s main intention when he renovated his bus allowing him to bring along his friends and the new acquaintances he meets on the road.

After college, Michael discovered that he actually preferred living in a smaller space. He enjoyed the challenge of designing every area to be practical and useful. This eventually led him to Craigslist where he bought the first bus he found, a 2004 Thomas Freightliner for $3600. After 9 months of renovating, his bus was complete with a full shower and toilet, 2 beds, an office, and much much more. Today Michael spends his time traveling around to festivals and events helping folks with their bus renovations. 

Michael is such a friendly and helpful guy. In this episode we talk about how to choose the right bus for you, things to look out for when shopping for a bus, what a composting toilet is, what sucks about living on the road, and a lot about Walmart parking lots.


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