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Dec 18, 2019

You know those crazy holiday light displays that are animated, synced to music, and use an enormous amount of lights? Well my guest today, Darren Vader, creates those!

Tune in to get a behind the scenes look at just how these Christmas light shows are created!


For more info, find Darren at 

Dec 11, 2019

If we plan to colonize Mars, the food we eat there is going to be a big deal!

In this episode I’m joined by Heidi Neilson & Douglas Paulson who have created a Mars supper club and a Mars test kitchen! Join us to learn what the first food on Mars will be like, what we can start to grow there, how our relationship to...

Nov 19, 2019

Does a Bigfoot species exist? Daniel Perez says yes! But for the scientific community and the public in general, a body needs to be found for hard proof. 

Daniel has been writing about Bigfoot since 1979 and has published the Bigfoot Times for over 20 years! 

To learn more about and subscribe to the Bigfoot...

Nov 6, 2019

Las Vegas has gone through some phases. It started out as the Wild West, with saloon doors and wagon wheels. Then it decked itself out in midcentury modern sleekness, and moved on to twenty-story high neon signs. Then came Disney-like theme parks featuring castles and pirates, followed by replicas of Venetian canals,...

Oct 18, 2019

Even as a child of the 90’s in LA, I had never known that Los Angeles was once the bank robbery capital of the world. In 1992, there was a heist every 45 minutes!

The main reason for that, among others, is freeways! We’re talking about guys who would rob multiple banks in one day and one particular bandit got in 64...