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Jun 27, 2018

Laura’s first solo trip began as a planned trip with her boyfriend to White Sands, New Mexico. After a swift breakup she decided to go on the trip anyways which lead to a new clarity and self confidence. In fact, the trip was so powerful and healing for Laura that she decided to take a trip by herself every New Year’s. 


Laura is also the author of SOLO: A Guidebook to Traveling Alone to help folks learn and understand  the benefits of traveling solo. On top of that, she is currently on a 2 month road trip around the U.S traveling in a 16 foot long Airstream Nest trailer (with disco mode lighting).


In this episode Laura and I talk about the stigma of females traveling alone, the perfect ice breaker to make friends on the road, issues with security, karaoke parties, the kindness of strangers, why she prefers traveling alone for the most part, and even catching alligators!


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