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May 9, 2018

John and Jayme found they got caught up in the trap of having a 9-5 job, buying a house, and settling down in suburbia - something they had promised themselves they would never do. So after a year of struggling to downsize their possessions and let go of their 3 bedroom house, they’ve finally made the complete shift to vanlife and travel full-time with their 3 dogs!


Jayme and John have also created an incredible resource to help you build your van that's completely free! You can check that out on their website at


This episode is awesome and full of practical advice and fun stories. We talk about why a jigsaw is the number one tool you need for you van build, what it’s like to travel with 3 dogs and tips for managing that, how to use a signal booster to get wifi almost anywhere, how to make money online using affiliate marketing, why John and Jayme have a poop shovel, plus they share some of the crazy and fun stories they have from their vanlife experience!


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