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Mar 14, 2018

Wesley and Savana own Tiny Watts Solar, a company devoted to helping design and install solar systems for all things tiny.

They might be the most qualified people in the world to do this: Savana grew up living tiny on a sailboat, Wes has a Renewable Energy Engineering degree, they live full-time in their decked out Sprinter van and to top it off, Wesley’s last name is Watts!


Savana and Wes have an incredible Sprinter van conversion - They have a recirculating shower! That means 15 minute long showers that consume only a few gallons of water! In this episode we dive into how that works and where you can get your hands on one!

They have a 1000 watt solar roof deck to power their induction cooktop and toaster oven. Plus a diesel-powered heater, radiant heated floors, and on-demand hot water! This van build is incredible!


This is a very practical and actionable episode full of specific advice. We really dig into the numbers on solar, batteries, and more. They explain how they were able to use their rent money to buy a van and then make $12,000 on it later. Plus, we talk about the specifics of Wes and Savana’s sprinter van and how they can hook you up with something similar that meets your needs!


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